Raging Ivan finished...

by Roman aka jar

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Ok, first to say: i hope no one feels offended by that title of the project, there is no racial background behind it, just fun and my interpretation of this miniature called "Outskirt Mongo" by Dark Age, my version is called Raging Ivan...

Outskirt Mongo, Dark Age, Monster Scale 28 mm

Photos are not the best as usual, but here is one i've made during the Work process out on the balcony:

Here is another one done with lightning of the camera in my cabinet:

I worked at the schratchbuild base with the rust method mentioned in this article on top of a Sockelmacher.de socket and also used some pigments there afterwards. You remember that bowl of rust stuff...

I hope you like him. He is really a cool model to paint with a lot of conversion options i guess. This time i only did the mustache :)

The model will soon go to ebay - if you are intrested to buy him before he goes to ebid write an email to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com.

Keep on happy painting all around the globe!
Best Regards

PS: Good music, wonderful ladies... have a look

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