WIPs and Focus

by Roman aka jar

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This time it is just about my actual WIPs - i want to talk a bit about focus or how you can organize yourself while painting the basic colours in wild emotions up to the miniature, finding the best focal point of your model.

The best focal point of a miniature is often its face, that is the place where the character is bound, so very often when working with zenithal light the faces or heads'n'shoulders will be the brightest parts on your model. When i start painting wildly to bring up my basic colours i often already choose at this step where the focal point will be - for example, Griff Oberwald, Blood Bowl superstar running over a muddy battlefield of brutal football with no rules... i want bright clothing, but mixed in a bit of Tourquise in the bright grey for to get a cold base colour. The Metallics are also planned very cold and dark - so i've used chaos black and tourquise in the basic black of the armour parts... the face will be done in warm bright colours... that makes my complete sketch and while the painting did last about 5 minutes... basecoating but with a plan of a focus, so far with the starting focus. I plan to prepare some kind of jungle colour theory where i will collect my thoughts about colour theory, light and focus, but this will take much time i guess... so far for this step, further work on the model will now be done after the sketch... hope this thought helps somehow :)

Not some kind of special thought i know... but some more News...

Robert, our Chimp also sent a little package to even fill the birthday parcel with more stuff. There is no a damn sweet Red Box Games Miniature, one Enigma Dwarf and one Avatars of War Necromancer. I now close the parcel and make it ready for shipping soon.

And in the next days i will announce the winner... :)


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