Workbenches - the birthday gallery

by Robert aka muhani

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

We had this little Birthday Special Thing, which still runs, because i am waiting to fill the parcel even more with some cool stuff... your entries of your workbenches are in and i am totally stunned by such a power our hobby has all around the globe, those little corners where we do our little hobby in full force - enjoy those great photos as i did and thanks so much for your participation... there is such a power in these little tiny colour palaces... enjoy and if someone misses his, please let me know, might have failed a bit and lost myself in the uploading and saving process...

Soon there will be my first judgement of those who did strike me the most and i will tell you why and only some will remain in the end - it stays ttthhhhhrrrriiiiilllllliiinnnggggg :)


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