Freebooter's Fate: Captain Lapesa

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa MV readers,

Roman recently finished his first miniature by Freebooter's Fate.
Why now? Why it took so long for him to start a miniature by this brand?
Well, he wasn't drawn to the sculpts of the models so far, but recently - while in a local store - finally a beautiful lady caught his attention.

The model is Big Jenny and he renamed her in "Captain Lapesa".
Roman saw the model and knew he wanted to paint her up as a quite nice looking gaming model.

Captain Lapesa
Freebooter's Fate, 32 mm

We hope you like her!
Roman definatly enjoyed the paintjob.

If you are into Freebooter's Fate and want to make this lady yours:
Roman is selling her, check this link or write to him directly via

Keep on happy painting around the globe!


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