Evil Viking with two axes

by Massive Voodoo


results from Tuesdays tutorial voting are in and you will find Boudica's Step by Step up to the jungle this Friday. It's a rather long article and preparing and writing it takes more time than expected.

So today another painted miniature.
This guy was painted up just for fun by Roman.
It was a gift by Hon during his private coaching back in 2014 and Roman made good use of the attached plastic base of the 28 model, creating a convincing ice river surface with glittering snow on top. Obviously you can call this a rather quick paintjob. Roman forgot the company who made the model, but hopefully Hon reads this and can give him a hint :D

Evil Viking
28 mm

Beside other miniatures painted by the MV Team you can find him on sale! Check it out and if you want to make one of these yours contact us:

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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