Painting Jam #35 - FAQ

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle Painters, 
time for another Painting Jam. You got questions, we try to answer them.
Painting Jams are answers to frequently asked painting question the jungle recieves. We try our best to give you answers that help you have more fun and joy in your own painting ways.

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Please remember that our answers are just... well, our answers. There might be other ways, other oppinions and other good tips, but you were asking us and all that we can provide are our answers. Pick from them what you like and we hope we can help with our thoughts, that we share here in the jungle so more people could gain information from it.


During Painting Jam #34 Nassim was asking about how to paint tourquoise clothes.
He now managed to write us some feedback to our tip and show us his result:

Nassim writes: 
"Hello Roman. Hope you're fine ! A few weeks ago we spoke about turquoise and you gave me some advices. I just wanted to share with you the current wip I'm working on, with turquoise. Thanks again for your advices !"

Did Roman's tip work for you? 
Yes it worked very well with the colors you mentioned.So the base color is GW Stegadon Scale Green first shadow : kantor blue deep shadow : turquoise + black first light : Vallejo turquoise next lights : vallejo intense yellow + vallejo turquois.


Giacomo asks:
"Ciao Roman, 
 I'd like to ask you some advice regarding the use of Forged Monkey's Dayglow pigments. Specifically, I have been using them for more then 2 years now but and i find them great. I tried different techniques raging from water, mediums of various brands and sort, mixing in with other colours etc... 

However i still can't manage to figure out the Plasma Blue. I wish to make a very bright blue glowing effect on a project and i think there should be a way of achieving that with your pigment but i can't find it. So, would you please point me in a direction? What do you think is the best way to use the Plasma Blue Pigment? is there another way you would suggest to get a very bright Blue glowing light on a model? thank you very much for your time." 

Roman answers: 
To your question. Blue is very hard. In fact blue is the hardest color to make it glow cuz it is the darkest basic tone. No matter if you use dayglow or very bright blue it will never look the same like yellow things you can do: a) mix in some dayglow yellow or green to the blue and white and make it more torquoise, this will give the blue more power but changes the tone b) paint areas around your glowing part really dark and then use the blues you like on a white undercoat. Means you paint the area you want to have glowing white, then with the blue. Due the dark areas around the blue will recieve more attention Blue is not easy, really.

Giacomo asks:
"These are good suggestions. on the technique, do you mix the pigments in white paint? Any specific paint?" 

Roman answers: 
Yes you need a binding Material for the pigments. Can use another acrylic color or if you use it pure you can use matte varnish

You can also check MV's article about Dayglow Pigments. 


Adam asks:

"Hi, Huge fan of your work. 
You guys have been a constant source of inspiration and envy for me over the years. I have a question that I was hoping you could answer. 

Do you ever varnish your display models? 
I know a lot of showcase painters shun varnishing as it can change the final look of the paintjob, but personally I've found that if I leave my display models unvarnished, they tend to have a slight messy, dirty look to them, probably from a combination of overhandling and different textures in paint. I am very curious of your opinion on varnishes. Cheers!"

Raffa answers:
Hey there, we don't varnish our models but we also try to never touch them directly. That's why we always put a wooden plinth under them :)

Roman answers:
About the different textures in paint: Yes, happens to us too. Usually we force the different look to show properties of different materials. If you want to have a more constant overall look try to go with a good matte varnish on top of everything to pull it together (Airbrush). We sometimes do too, but more in the middle of process and still work our way to different properties for materials.



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