Ulfgar of Auldheim, 28mm

by Robert aka muhani

I finally finished this little viking warrior.

Ulfgar of Auldheim, Red-Box-Games, 28mm

As Roman told you before, I was inspired painting him by the fantastic books of Bernard Cornwell, more precisely the Saxon stories. I gorg these books at the moment.
Maybe the precise descriptions about the warfare in the medieval times were the reason, why Ulfgar turned out so bloody in the end. On the other side, you could call it an accident or maybe destiny. I have used the risky method of filling the pencil with red color, holding it in front of the mini, taking a big breath and ... puff against the mini. While doing so, I was listening to one of Romans recommended painting-music-tracks from the hero-soundtrack. Very inspiring, yes, couldn't stop doing so, and so I did it again, and again, and again ... was some kind of bloodlust. Like the feeling Uthred, the main charakter of the book, has, when he fights in the first row of the wall of shields in the battle. - Disgusting, I know. I think I'll have to hide this mini from the eyes of my son.
Should plan a more peaceful project for the next time, thinking about a pirate drowning with his ship. Muharhar ....
Well, I hope you like it anyway.

And as Roman always says: I wish you all happy painting around the world



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