Time for daemonic ladys

by Roman aka jar


actual i am really painting a lot and have a lot to paint. As i have a lot to do on my to do list i try to use this blog to get things done. So there will be always action in here i hope.

I had done another Beginner's Painting Class in Göppingen/Germany the complete last weekend with around 20 people and i have tried to show them my way or my views on miniature painting. It really was a great weekend with a lot of fun and i will do a big review of the workshop later on - i had chosen the Games Workshop Daemonette Miniatures as the Workshop Miniature and finally i think i have found what i am looking for - fits perfectly to my lessons in this painting class - here is just a little preview from far away of some of the results from the participants:

Mine is also now finished and i really have to say it again - i love those models. So much sensitive daemonic erotic in them... mmhhhh! I hope you like my vision i had of a another daemonette, this is number 6.0 painted by me...

Daemonette 6.0, Games Workshop, 28 mm:

The base was done by Hirstart pieces. I had used some roots here and there, some real dried flowers and some etched farns. Was a lot of fun to start her as a "to show something-Miniature" and bring this spontanous concept to an end. I hope you like her as i do. If so you are invited to leave a vote or a comment over at CMON: http://www.coolminiornot.com/230906

And now that this is the post dedicated to all the Daemonette's standing around here i am showing a Work in Progress Daemonette in 54 mm from JMD which i'll do for comission at the moment - oh how i love those girls :) - sorry for the poor picture, had been made on the balcony without good light to take a photo:

So far from the Ladys... read you soon, hopefully with the workshop preview :)

Keep on happy painting!


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