Step by Step - Hrothgar the Ironhearted

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa Brush friends,

i remember telling you to bring up some old tutorials of mine, which are only in german on the web so far. Here is the next one from Red Box Games - Hrothgar the Ironhearted

Red Box Games? This probably hardly says anything to most of you because RBG is making way to less advertisement for RBG, haha.  ... A small American manufacturer, Tre 'the sculptor simply makes in my eyes really fine characterful Miniatures ...

After Tre' did sent a little' sample packet " of his minis, I could not restrain myself a little thank you and do one of his minis for himself as a gift ... Model is 28 mm and bears the title:

"Hrothagar The Iron Hearted"

To see him as a Green klick this way!

Let's get it started in here with color ...  i have to say that this isn't a really great Step by Step, in fact it shows more my thoughts on the ways the miniature went. I sure have some longer tutorials which show a lot of more detail, but ... no but - here we go:

Base and base coat

The base was designed with less material than most might think of. Therefore only 2 parts were used here - a slightly stronger 4edged balsa wood piece and some Coffee sticks from McDonald's to build the base that way. 4 toothpicks on the table, which has been build by the coffee sticks, glued and then worked over with sand paper around the sides ...

Basecoat has been done with the airbrush, even with very diluted Fenris Gray from the Citadel Foundation series, and even as much diluted with the skin tone from the 1st Base Andrea skin color set ... as always you can click the pictures for a bigger view:

The areas which are currently even brighter simply sprayed several times - the intensity of the shade increases.

As a next step, I decided to be a bit clearer about my direction in color and set the beard and the hair. I think the beard was Bestial Brown with a drop of Fiery Orange and the fur was the same mix with a strong drop of Chaos Black ...

I have also taken 2nd Light skin tone of Andrea in the still moist skin in order to predefine roughly the lights ... and the base has received a few brown parts, with was as far as I remember leftover from the paint on the brush from the fur, so that the mix of the previous was in there somehow.


The base was now the main place of work and I went in there with Chaos Black, Catachan Green, a tip Rotting Flesh and Bestial Brown ... So with such a mess on the Wetpalette the base has been basecoated while mixing it on the miniature itself wet in wet, like painting on canvas. I switched te background to black, don't know why i do such things... sorry for the blurry picture i had done some time ago: 


The attention now wandered onto the metal parts, which were painted in true metal.

I went here from bright metal to dark one by shading it down with thin glazes. The color mixing ... ay, ay ... I believe in the keynote was a drop of ultramarine blue in there in Mithril Silver ... and then for the contraflow a little very dilute smoke from Model Colour to get stretched with a little terracotta to maximize the cold-warm contrast in the blade ...

I have also begun to shade down the skin over Tanned Flesh, Tanned Flesh + terracotta and then here again with a drop Fenris Gray purely for the shadows, uhm, yes ... , i left the lights from basecoating standing bright. Also a bit of purple went into the facial area.

That iron thing which hangs from the wood above is from a cheap earring i have bought in a clothhouse, hehe.

The wooden structure, which was drawn freehand and a good brush and diluted  Rotting Flesh. The same as the next step a little lighter made to emphasize certain points and also infuse the base itself in  light and shadow intense ... Moreover boring larger areas are broken up and the structures have more interests for the viewer ...

From the lighting situation - I have not taken the light upwards,  away from the dwarf into the cold, at the same time in return to the dwarf around to be a bit warmer ...

After this took works out to take place after a bar room brawl i did add decent blood and melted beer here and there.

The skin was brighten up using Dwarf Flesh, and do so in increments of Bleached Bone, a drop of white in the mix for the final light parts. With several thin glazes Dwarf Flesh was then used to soften the transitions.

The beard was done over Snakebite Leather + progressively increased by Bleached Bone + white to move more into the light ...

Mmm ... because of my weird brain in the end, unfortunately, I do not remember much - I can only say: Time taken for darklining between different parts, small patches of light increased, the basic concept of hot / cold expanded ... Lights set, weakened, intensified again, details such as eyes, thyroid, rats, bags, etc. in entire touched again with the brush in a creative rush of great feelings ...

Man, I think I'll stop writing tutorials - who ever should understand this, haha.

Finish he looks that way:


I hope this little Tut pleases and inspires  maybe one or two ... 

Keep on happy painting and check out those Red Box Game Sculpts here!



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