Welcome to MASSIVE VOODOO - a miniature blog

by Roman aka jar


to the MASSIVE VOODOO - a miniature blog,
finally a step further, a step with new dynamic action with these sometimes weird options the internet offers to an old feeling human.

Massive Voodoo? Sounds strange i know but let me explain...

I am Roman Lappat from Augsburg, Germany. 27 years old, no hair anymore, some crazy ideas in my mind, a lot about miniatures and the different ways of miniature painting, enjoying the happy sides of life, miniature painting in my mind, did i mention miniature painting already? So you see - nothing else than miniatures matters in my brain. Biggest problem is that life always wants a bit more than miniature painting from my brain and so i sometimes can chip off some time to enjoy the love and freedom that the hobby of miniature painting and everything besides that great hobby brings.

I am trying to paint professional miniatures now since the beginning of 2006 and loved every second i did. I did paint about 700 miniatures since then til this postings, mostly comission work for the gaming table to get to buy some bread and water, lately i often try to paint some higher quality single and unique pieces for enjoyment or comission. I love to paint miniatures with a story and soul. I often achieve this not by using the masterful techniques most great painters i adore can do, because i can't focus my creative energy bursts a long time, i mostly try this over the athmosphere done by colours, harmony and an overall athmospheric feeling in the finished model - that's why i called this place here MASSIVE VOODOO.

So that this first post won't be only a brilliant blabla i have some of my painted miniatures to show i had done over the last years - at this point i have to say my first big thank you to all the great companys outthere creating our imagination for painting - here we go

Tauro by Yedharo Models, 1:10:

German Soldier - 1942 - Romeo Models, 54 mm:

Nimue, Slaanesh Princess, Games Workshop, 28 mm, Simple Conversion:

Hrothgar, Red Box Games, 28 mm:

Daemonette 2.0, Games Workshop, 28 mm:

Jar-ry, Enigma Miniatures, 54 mm:

Pain, Preiser Adamsprue, 1:32 mm:

Death Korp of Krieg Commander Games Workshop, 28 mm:

Ghoulbust, JMD, 1:10:

Dwarf Slayer, Avatars of War, 28 mm:

Urban Warfare
, Infinity, 28 mm:

Troll King Maulg, Kraken Editions:

Rose, Hasslefree Miniatures, 28 mm:

Vampire, Games Workshop, 28 mm:

Leo, Yedharo Models, 1:10;

Orc War Veteran Space Marine, Games Workshop, 28 mm, Conversion:

Damné De La Gourmandise Obèse, Helldorado, 28 mm:

Urmuth, Scars of War, Andrea Miniatures, 54 mm:

Varghar, Rackham, 32 mm:

When creativity strikes 1.0, Hasslefree Miniatures, 28 mm:

I guess that is enough for the moment. Maybe you can see the MASSIVE VOODOO in it, haha. Just kidding - i just love miniature painting, but i sold most of the miniatures i show here because it is a much bigger inspiration to make someone happy with my miniatures and the visions i have then having them standing around. I paint with so much fun that i quickly need space in my own cabinet.

Second i want to thank all the great people i have meet, friends i have made through the hobby world, all the people who have supported me all the time and some special thanks go out to my parents for their thrust in me, my girlfriend for her love, my sister, my best friend, the neighbour baby twins Sam and Josie whose Godfather i am, Robert, Peter,
Yvonne, Raffa, Andrea, Fabrizio, Steffen, Max, Felix, Oli, Keith, Timothey, Andrew, Dimitri, Ralf, Sebastian, Mati, Georg, Vittorio, Dirk, Gerhard, Juan, Markus, Marco, Thorsten, Victor, Wai San, Mario, Tre', Christian and everyone i have forgotten to mention - thanks for your help, advice, patience, believe in me and everthing - i have to stop because i am next to tears....

Thanks a lot to
Raffaele Picca for helping me out getting this here started, also the idea and the kick in the butt to finally do so. By the way you have to check his Miniature Blog, he is a real mad miniature painter from my hometown and paints like a champ already - you really have to check him out: http://picstersminis.blogspot.com/

I guess i will stop my first brainstorm here now - enough blablablubb, feel free to enjoy my blog with me and always keep on happy painting!



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