Introducing Padawan

by Roman aka jar

after the workbench is ready for the take off and i finally found the time to introduce a very talented, young person, named Simon, 15 years old, who i have met on one of my workshops in Augsburg/Germany. He is going to be "my personal pupil", we both call it Padawan or something in this direction.
Our plan is to paint some miniatures together, same models - just to have some fun and i am showing him some ways of mine and sharing some thoughts i have in mind while working with miniatures. 

Today we have started the meetings with 3 hours of basing "Carlos" from Kraken Editions, which i have sent to him before to get it prepared. We both decided to build a weird constructional base. One is his and the other is mine ... really funny afternoon - looking forward to find some time again to get this guy painted...

We have used Milliput for the Underground a lot of plastic stuff we found in my boxes, plastic cards, etc.

So far from the Padawan - sure more to come...

Keep on happy painting everything who loves his brush!


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