WIP-Thoughts III

by Roman aka jar


i hope you all have a good start in this week. As you can see the MASSIVE VOODOO changes didn't activate anything yet. I promise Robert is not only an imagined friend he is there, somewhere out there in the jungle and preparing his first posting... i am really looking forward, but he always should know that there will never be pressure in the jungle to climb that palm tree... take your time and do it from the heart.

I can tell you that we are trying to improve the comfort of MASSIVE VOODOO navigation sooner or later so that there will be somethings on a left sidebar too. The right sidebar is very long and i don't get this as comfort for you... stay tuned to that point.

As i am painting full time, there is no break for me at all. The week starts wonderful, with a painter guy from Graz (noobyfied from CMON) tomorrow who visits me for some Happy painting time! Also Raffa (Picster) and Peter (Baphomet) will be there too i hope.

I really have to say that i enjoy this blog a lot, surely your feedback here is one reason - thank you very much for your intrest, surely, also it seems to get some passion diary for me and maybe also for Robert someday, harhar - no pressure my friend. What has happened on my workbench at the weekend, which mostly has been a chilling time with my girlfriend and the neighbour baby twins and parents - blabla - what has happened on the workbench:

Denise - she is ready for adding something i want to add with green stuff. More to come soon about that idea - oh dear how i love this sculpt from Pegaso:

Went a bit further on the sniper and tried to catch him on photo in front of a dark background. Sorry that the pictures are a bit blurry and as i see on the photo i have to go at the rifle again carefully - it is so thin, it easily moves:

I have also started a comission piece for the gaming table - a Tzeentch Lord on disk. More soon from this model, also bigger pictures - but be easy with me, he will be for gaming purposes in the end.

Some moments on the Gheisa, including some further steps on the skin, flower and cloth. Sure this will be a hard work to get her finished, but i only take her under the brush in a quiet moment for an hour more or less... it is not her time at the moment, but she grows step by step...



 Also the Daemonette took her last steps. She is now finished from my side, but as some critical feedback, which i am very thankful of over on Maxpaint.de showed some more areas where i can go at for the final finishing. It took me hours to achieve a good looking, natural photo quality of her... still the dots look a bit too strong on the photos, but i wasn't able to get this fixed - here she is - i would be very intrested in your oppinions or also a critical eagle view to help me finish her:






So far from my WIP-Thoughts and actual Work in Progress Models. Read you soon and keep on happy painting!



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