Eldar - further WIP

by Roman aka jar

i have been busy painting on the eldar also. I have done the following steps:
Fourth Shadow  (glaced twice):
Hawk Tourquise + Regal Blue + more than a tip of Chaos Black

First light (glaced twice):
Hawk Tourquise + a tip of Andrea's 2nd Light from the Skintone-set

Second light (glaced twice):
Hawk Tourquise + a tip of Andrea's 2nd Light + a tip of 1nd Light's skintone

Also i have began to make the base more rusty with pigments. I have used Sepia and Ironoxid pigments for that. Also i put some tiny places of tourquise pigments i got from pastellic chalk on it to repeat the colours of the Eldar in the end and bring base and miniature together.

Additonal to that i have startet to paint parts i want to be metallics in the end and started also the gems with chaos black. I take care to - better i try - to be patient here and try to make this step clean, instead i would have to correct later on.

At this point i need to say again that i am still fighting with my camera all day long to get some pictures that look somehow like the miniatures, but i'll try my best and take my time... Excuse me for this fact and the maybe poor quality pictures of some fast done Work in Progress shots.

Read you soon with the Eldar project... and Keep on happy painting all around the globe!



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