Muhani enters the Jungle...

by Robert aka muhani

Hello world,

after spending a very relaxed weekend hanging around in the nearby trees, eating bananas and stiring my brain on the search for some English knowledge, I'm ready to follow Roman's path through the jungle of colors, miniatures and all the other very dangerous animals this path has to offer. I am without fear - I am a chimp. And chimps eat lions for breakfast.

As Roman explained already - well, stop. Let me also explain: "Do you remember the fun you had ...." Damn f...... s... impossible for me to find words that are nearly as sticky sweet as Roman's. But what I can do, is completing the list of things we are different in. So here we go: I have hair, he has none. I am small, he is tall, I listen while he is speaking, I like coffee and red wine, ... well, we both do like coffee and red wine. But whats much more important than sharing the same vice is sharing the addiction for paint, what's less a vice than a passion. ... blablabla ... You will hardly believe me, but Roman really has much more in his weird brain than paint. Although I am 31 and he is only 27, he has much wisdom. Don't know how often he helped me out with brilliant answers for tricky problems. I guess 200 times. So if he compares me with the dark lord, it's on me to compare him with Jesus and call me an apostel.

Had a long day today, and am a bit confused and excited at the same time. The sentences, that come in my mind, do it in a very confusing way. At first in German, then they walk through an old-school-german-english-translating-engine, I have found in a grey corner of my brain, before they appear on my display, not knowing if they are grammatical correct or not. I guess not and hope you understand anyway.
By the way, Roman allowed me to write anything I want to, even banana-recipes, but I won't do so. If you asked me why not, I'd say I don't know any.

Back to the point. Why am I here? Why don't I have my own blog? Why am I not sitting in a banana-tree? I haven't seriously thought about blogging until Roman asked me to join his. Unsure at first, thinking about pros and cons, not least my lousy English, I decided to join in. It's the geographical distance that separates us from having cool painting sessions together, or just having a good time, so this will be our party-room. Here I am a chimp. Not as loud as a gorilla, but I will try to do my best, sharing my experiences, mistakes, thoughts or whatever could be intersting or not, with you.

As it is late already here in Austria, and I have to do my regular job tomorrow, I say good-by for now, sending you a pic of my workspace:

and another one from a little fun-project:

"Ulfgar of Auldheim" from Red-Box-Games

and another one:

"Swiss Guard" from Infinity

Kind Regards


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