Imperial Standard Bearer Veteran finished

by Roman aka jar


surprisé, surprisé! No Eldar Tutorial yet ... the kisses of the muse drove me in other directions. In total different directions. I have picked up an old prepared model which was standing around in the cabinet basecoated for a while.

An imperial Standard Bearer Veteran i would call him. Done from GW's Warhammer 40k Cadian Command Sprue and one head from the Warhammer Fantasy Fanatic Box. Conversion nothing very seriously... started today with the colours on it and did it beside some other stuff. A few moments ago a tiny goblin hushed over my left shoulder and said finished for gaming purposes and so he is painted up for the gaming table, for sure as you can see the trail of speed in a lot of areas... but it was a lot of fun...blalala - here he is:

Hope you like him! If you got some spare time i would like to invite you over to CMON for a vote or a line dropped there - thanks in advance:

Keep on happy painting!




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