Kong's WIP thoughts - September #06

by Roman aka jar

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Time keeps ticking until 2 painting classes in Hamburg, Germany arrive. One week to go. One weekend to "relax", one week to get mad in preparing, packing, sending stuff before the plane goes on Thursday for 10 days of Hamburg. Really looking forward to meet all the painters there.

Meanwhile ...
I got asked several times what green I used on my Dark Angel Terminator. As far as I can remember the basic tone was one of GW's old colour pots. Foundation range. Name was Gnarloc Green (??). I am not sure - as I mixed in some darker green pigments to it from my watercolours. Then I painted dark and bright contrast to it by bringing in some bleached bone for the lights and a tip of dark blue for the shadow areas. Some yellow was there too in the lighter areas, a small gentle tip. I told you as far as I can remember. There won't be an article about that figure as I did not note my recipes. I do so at the actual Chaos Space Marine and prepare a big article. Such articles always consume a lot of time, you know and I can't do them at every figure and I got way too many Work in Progress stuff:

Last week I painted further on the Chaos Marine, the Dark Angel and even managed to try to sculpt a hand of teh beautiful Enigma guy with too much muscles. Also I painted a Forged Monkey :)

So far from my table - I wish everyone of you some happy painting time :)

Best Wishes


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