Kong's WIP thoughts - August #05

by Roman aka jar

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Hiho Jungle out there!

Looks like this is my last post for a week. Finally there are some days of holiday ahead, can't remember the last ones. We - me and my lady are heading for Paris tonight and Raffa and Anci will join on Thursday. Beautiful days ahead I guess. Relaxation.

I am also looking forward to the upcoming painting class, the main reason because we are in Paris, at the weekend. This will be a lot of fun with me talking english - I guess everything will be fine, but I know that I will be pretty nervous in the first hours :D

Somehow it is pretty strange leaving our studio. I really love to work there and focus on things I got to do. It is a place of rest, endless powers, multisupermulti creativity, friendship and joy, but I am sure that it won't be bad for me to have some holidays ... I was busy the last days too and beside massive packing and preparing I started some Work in Progress ...

I also have some articles ready after the return, but I am not sure how fast they will hit the jungle. You know time can be spent slow and wild at the same time out there in the jungle. Take care of your time - it is something important!

Here you go with two previews - one will be another "Got pimped!-Article" about the "Prince of Autumn" and the other will be a little summ up + step by step about one of my latest comission pieces ...

More to come soon - after a break, holidays, a painting class and a safe travel home :)
Stay tuned! And thanks to everybody who likes and reads MV!
There soon will be 2 big things up for you and your Apes say thanks to you again after a long long time of being way too busy for mostly everything ...

Best Wishes and keep on happy painting!


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