Kong's WIP thoughts - August #01

by Roman aka jar

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Seriously ...

... the jungle will stay silent for a while until after the german Games Day has passed, but as far as I can remember I write this in every posting :D

Spending a lot of time in the studio and working, working, working. This means not much email conversation is possible with me these days. Will be back I promise but right now the focus is strictly to finish up my last project for GD. Raffa is working hard too and in the end we both are a mixture of these two gestures right now but way more tired :D

Private Practice
Last week on Thursday I had another private practice with Patrick from Munich and I want to say thanks again for a nice day. The practice was just about some hours but we had a nice time and my student learned a lot as he told me in the aftermath.

I was truely amazed by his result for testing my private practice class content in the limited time we had. I did paint up a little Goblin from Imbrian Arts for explanations, while my student did paint a nice Hasslefree Lady. Not too fancy that lady was, as time was limited all in all to a small number of hours.

If you are interested in private practice you can read a big report from Thorsten over here in german and english language.  If you want to know details about your private practice lessons you may contact Roman and/or Raffa for a quote - Please be aware: the answers might take until after the Games day.



Meanwhile on a different planet:

Little Games Day preview ...

... and a insight in the chaos of our workplace somewhere during deep nighttime with, paindn, paindn, paindn :)

Welcome to August ...


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