Jungle Report: Golden Demon - Germany 2012

by Raffa

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Hey everyone,

today I want to share my memories of a great day.
I'm talking about the Games Day, especially the Golden Demon 2012 here in Germany.

So let's start from the very beginning. The last 4 weeks were really, really full of miniature painting and friendship. Roman and I decided to visit and take part on the GD very late and so we only had 3 weeks to finish our entries. As we are now working together in a studio full of creative energies it was a easy task to go there every day and paint, covert, glue and paint some more every day.
My biggest hugs go out to Roman my bibab for this great time!!!

It was a really cool time as we were pushing ourselfes to the limit that a normal painter can take, there were days with 17 hours of straight painting, no computer, no internet, no distraction.
And more than that, we had a lot of fun, celebrated our friendship and had many painting guests as Bene that made our time even better.

And then it was done!

Friday, 7pm, all projects done, time for some relaxing! (time management is worth every minute spent!)

On saturday we started our ride to Philip and after 8 hours of stressful car driving in many traffic jams we finally arrived...
Thanks again for shelter, ice cream, food, many, many good laughs and a great time!!!

We arrived, ate some very good pasta and jumped into the subway to get to the hotel lobby of the Mercure hotel were many, many (dozens? hundreds?) nice painters were already completely into the hobby, talking about minis, techniques, drinking a nice drink and having a good time!
Many painters brought their projects to get some last opinions, showing it off to others and you could see fascinated faces everywhere you look.
It was so nice seeing meeting new people, friends and nice painters!
Thanks for all the nice talks and the red wine Mr. Mo.

After talking much too long we really had to go to the bed, but not before getting some more self-made ice cream by Phil, YUMMY!!!!

A too little sleep later we started into a great day.
Driving to the Gürzenich, where the GD is held is always a great feeling!

Inside we started to prepare the demo table for Massive Voodoo, setting up light, etc.
Valerie was already preparing her demo as more and more people arrived to the Gürzenich.

While Valerie started her demonstration the first people started entering their minis into the competition and the display cabinets started to get fuller and fuller.... to the point where the cabinets were really bursting full with highest quality entries on the most categories.
I think everyone had a great time checking out entries, watching demonstrations and strolling around the Games Day. Here are some impressions by Peter and Philip, thanks guys for the photos!

After a good snack in the Rock Cafe time went by much to fast, you could really feel the typical GD thrill as it get's 4pm and the GD winners are called to the organisation.
Roman and Me were both lucky and got called so we walked to the upper floor where many happy faces awaited us.

I don't want to get to deep into the details of the ceremony, it was pretty fast, many happy faces, big party with a lot of handshakes, hugs and a My Little Pony balloon!

A list of winners as far as I remember and found out.
If you like to you can help me ou: Write me a mail to "picster (at) massivevoodoo (dot) com" with the information, or if you like to link photos of your entry, just drop me a mail!

Golden Demon Germany 2012
Gold: Lukas Graf
Silver: Mike Wieser

40K Squad:
Gold: Pascal Urgiero
Silver: Pascal Nachun
Bronze: Simon Schnitzler (Hydra)

40K Single:
Gold: Sascha Buczek (Goatman)
Silver: Thomas Wasch (DarkKnight)
Bronze: Thomas Kyrsting

40K Vehicle:
Gold: Sascha Buczek (Goatman)
Silver: Cédric Lurkin
Bronze: Jürgen Wagner (Crackpot)

40K Monster:
Gold: Jonathan Gonthier
Silver: Maxime Pastourel (Morback)
Bronze: Paul Wunderlich

Fantasy Squad
Gold: Georg Damm (GeOrc)
Silver: Stefan Johnsson (SkelletS)
Bronze: Christian Hardy

Fantasy Single
Gold: Mo Ganji
Silver: Cédric Lurkin
Bronze: Steve Party

Fantasy Monster
Gold: Shejtan (Markus Würdinger)
Silver: Jonathan Gonthier
Bronze: Alexis L'huillier

Gold: Ben Komets
Silver: Thomas Wasch (DarkKnight)
Bronze: Alexis L'huillier

Gold: Ben Komets
Silver: Jürgen Wagner (Crackpot)
Bronze: Roman Lappat (Jarhead)

Gold: Maxime Pastourel (Morback)
Silver: Cédric Lurkin
Bronze: Raffaele Picca (Picster)

Gold: Raffaele Picca (Picster)
Silver: Jonathan Schulz (Johnny_be_good)
Bronze: Maxime Pastourel (Morback)

Best of Forgeworld: 
Christian Hardy

Slayer Sword:
Raffaele Picca

Ok,... woooooooooow, my second Slayer Sword!!! This was really thrilling for me, I gave me best on the entry and in the end it was worth it, not just because of the sword but for all the experience and the nice time I spent on my project, with the Sword it was the cherry on the cake :)

And now finally some photos of my project:

- Untold Honor -

In the end it was a very, very nice weekend and for me, I can surely say, it was the best GD so far.
Tons of nice people, cool demonstrations, great hobby talk and overall a nice day.

I hope to see everyone again soon and that you liked this article!
You can find even more photos (also some minis of the GD) on our Facebook Page and a small video on Massive Voodoo TV.

Best wishes,


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