Untold Honor - Project finished!

by Raffa

Hey everyone,

as I noticed I didn't really post single photos of my project "Untold Honor" and I wanted to have them here (just for documentation ;) I will now show them in this single post!

Again, thanks for everyone that supported me with this project - mentally and by backing me up!
Two of those I really want to mention by name: Roman for just being Roman, helping me with composition issues from time to time and backing me up as a friend... and Anci, my girlfriend, for taking all this strain away from me when she got the chance to ;)

In the end the project really went smoothely even when time was very limited (6 weeks) and a lot had to be done in this time...

I brought it to the German Golden Demon / Games Day in 2012 and I won the Slayer Sword with it, very nice :)

Finally, here are two collages of the project!

Untold Honor
I hope you like the project!


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