Miniature Mentor - Roadmap 2012- 2013

by Roman aka jar

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Exciting New Painters and Tutorials coming your way!!!
Miniature Mentor is excited to bring you even more tutorials from the world's best painters. Below is a rough schedule for our 2012-2013 roadmap.

1. Francesco Farabi - (cmon: franciuus) Freehand Techniques
2. Francesco Farabi - Pegaso Girl
3. Javier Gonzalez : The Violinist (cmon: Arsies)
4. Alex Varela : Abbysal Lord (cmon: Iguazzu)
5. Matteo Murelli : Sven Hammerfaust (cmon: Mu)
6. Sebastian Archer (cmon: automaton)
7. Alfonso Giraldes (cmon: Banshee)

Of course, it's difficult to give you folks a precise release schedule since many of the artists have to find time to contribute to our library within their already busy lives. However, we thank-you for your patience and understanding with our process - it's your support that allows us to travel the world and film with these incredible artists and bring their techniques into your living rooms. CHEERS!

Make ready for a MV review on their latest release here in the jungle valley soon!


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