Kong's WIP thoughts - August #04

by Roman aka jar

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Ough! Ough!
The last weeks were pretty hard and full of painting for the Games Day Germany. You can read a full review here and also see a video of this nice weekend in Cologne. After the Games Day Raffa and my tasklist was full with finishing a comission of 9 Figures and now - after all is done - this week was full with relaxation and a handfull of friends visiting us during our work in the studio.

On Tuesday Thorsten, Bene and Max, the Maxican arrived and we really enjoyed painting together. Thorsten left us on Wednesday but his seat was quickly taken by Robert and Kurt. We really had some awesome painting days and I want to say thanks to my friends for such nice days. On Tuesday we did build up small airplanes by Revell and made some funny conversion with them. You see this week was not the most serious one when it comes to the work we have done. Some Impressions of the last beautiful days ...

Multi Supermulti Ultramarine Attack Airplane III:

Hans and Joachim in their Stuka Bomba with imperial lasguns:


Sky Cowboy!


Austrian Conan VI

Seize and Volumes contrast

We had the great idea to hang an old frame we found on top of our workplace to have some spots for additional lamps and to put some stuff there too.

Kurt's yellow grot bomber - WIP

Robert painting a Knight by Simon M. ... finally!

Thanks for such great days my friends!!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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