Ymir the White, Lord of StoneGate

by Roman aka jar

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I sometimes really freak out when I paint those tiny ultradetailed Red Box Games Figures.
Eveyrtime they are pure painting joy and have so much character - thanks to Tre for such wonderful Fantasy figures. Ymir is really pretty small as you can see here in a quick shot into my cabinet, done with lightning from the camera and yellow lamp light, pretty strange shot:

I recently discovered that Tre has a new looking online store which keeps it all better organised and easier to browse - at least I think that way - check at Red-Box-Games.com. Now to the little dwarf:

Ymir the White, 
Lord of StoneGate
Red Box Games, 28 mm

If you like to vote for Ymir -

Hope you like him!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

PS: Figure sold!


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