Work in Progress - the limited Options

by Roman aka jar

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Sometimes during projects you might conquer limited options even you have a lot of others.
Sometimes you just want to get something done, even you know it will take all of the next days.
Sometimes something has to be done to free the mind for new things.

I was used to paint and dance with my Muse and I have learned something about that. Back then I switched to other projects when I was not happy to paint another. I have learned that this is still fine with me, but with a little bit more buddhist aggression to get something done, sometimes. To free the mind for the things to come and so I got to go these paths of limited options ...

My options today have been and still are:

- Scarification Tribal work 
- Icicles
- Bricks

In the end all detailed work.
No options, but I don't stop to do. That is new for me.
I would find a thousand reasons to get my fingers on other projects, but I am really hungry for having the Rhino and Sentinel done, but I don't hurry - I want them not rushed.
Ok, the bricks are ok if it won't get that quick as I know the whole project won't.
And I am still doing and doing and doing even with limited options.
That is new for me :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

PS: And of course, sometimes I take a brush and throw some slow progress to the Brushbox!


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