Workshop Announcements - update

by Roman aka jar

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Hiho Brushfolks,

there are two new announcements to make for upcoming painting classes. It is still the Beginner's class and I want to leave some words about the describtion "Beginner". It is not about your painting level or skill - it is about about a beginning, an introduction in my way of painting, my way of thinking while painting and my painting philosophy.

The first one is for April and goes back to Graz, Austria.
This will be the last round of the Beginner's class,
before the Advanced class rolls in.

The other one is the second class in Hamburg, Germany.
After the massive interest for the first class you can find
September's class already booked pretty full.

Follow the links above to get more information about the classes.
At the moment there are way more plannings of classes, again there are talks about one in Poland and maybe soon about France. Believe me, my email account keeps me pretty busy :)

So far, maybe see you there!
Best Wishes


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