SHOTGUN!! Tschik! Tschik!

by Roman aka jar

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I am now able to drop some more words about those Worms.
Raffa and I were asked to do a comission paintjob for Gaya-Entertainment, who do collectible Figures related to Videogames. Our paintjob will be the prototype for 20.000 other, when this project is done.
We still don't have the final photos yet as we are still working on some final minor changes, and Gaya-Entertainment and us are waiting for the final license "Go!" from Team 17.
Honestly, Raffa and I did not have so much fun since a long time!
Some more Work in Progress shots of the project:

Hopefully soon, we are able to show the final pics!
Stay tuned!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes
Roman and Raffa


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