The witch

by Roman aka jar

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Maybe I told you already about a personal project I am up to start with some friends.
I think so but I will lose some more words about it.

It is about doing an exchange miniature - nothing big, just a really small figure that can tell a lot of stories. I already did one - the little Zombie Girl. Now the second one is finished
- it is the witch or maybe she isn't one, who knows, they'll soon find out!
I know pretty dramatic and tragic :)

The Figure is painted for a long time friend of mine, Fabrizio aka Shiraga and I surprised him on a Painter's meeting last weekend with my ideas and the witch. Thanks to Fabrizio as he made the photos of the model.

Is she the witch the whole country was talking about?
Or is she just another poor girl on a journey to her end?

Burn baby burn! 
Staying alive?

The witch
Privateer Press, 28 mm
If you like to vote for the witch, 

I made the project in about 2 days as I had the idea shortly before the painters meeting. The wagon is build from Railroad figures parts and the cage was done with the use of bars from Busch's product here! And I already have a hundred more ideas for this girl! Ai ai ai!

I am really looking forward what Fabrizio will do with this small girl and what I will get back from him. No hurry in the curry, Fabrizio!

And another Song I found due Lutz - :D - fits perfectly!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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