Priceless Smile

by Roman aka jar

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Good evening jungle visitor,

this time it ain't about figures.
It is about something else pretty important - Smiling.

Wolfgang, a friend of Raffa and mine who we cherish some painting nights with did a film project recently called "Priceless Smile" and he told us about last Monday night. It was done for a german film competition where the rules said "it is about Smiles" and the number "500" has to appear. That was all they had for their concept. Love what they did and I had to smile ...

Now it should work for all the planet:

If you like to vote for the movie at the 99FIRE-FILMS AWARD 2012 competiton check this link and vote your favourite - mine was this one, but I wasn't able to see them all, to be honest. If you search for Priceless Smile and don't find it that fast check the left movie row, 5th from above :)

Happy Voting!
Best Wishes


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