Seargent Cheeky bust finished...

by Roman aka jar

Now today is rumble in the jungle... cool to see the jungle dance to boogie...

I finally did finish off something - the cool bust Raffa (Picster) has done - Seargent Cheeky - the bust version he made some days ago. I did get a copy from him, thanks for this my friend and i really have to tell you that he was a hell of a fun to paint.

We both did paint him in the last days - Raffa also posted his today, oh destiny your ways are mistery, haha... here goes my version of this bust fighting with something strange coming from his nose...

Hope you like him. I also did upload him to CMON so if you got some spare time i would like to invite you there:

If you are intrested in Raffa's thoughts while sculpting it and some WIP-Photos check this here!

Also Raffa's painted version is up - just check his latest post.

So far - keep on happy painting!

PS: Seargent Cheeky is now for Sale! Here!


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