Toxic girl finished...

by Roman aka jar


i recently finished up the Toxic Girl by Fatal Personality - really this sculpt rocks, really small but highly detailed, a true painters love. As there are a lot of version of her out there i did my vision a bit more dramatic i guess, but all because of the base. Really had fun doing her base as you can see. Got her from Yvonne (Vhaidra) and i really am thankful to her, thanks my dear :)

This model is planned to be an exchange miniature with Sebastian Archer (automaton), if he still likes it - so he got to tell me i am not sure if he does. From the beginning to the end she was planned to be for him and i managed to hide that little tribute to his version in mine - the same main cloth colour, haha. I am really thankful to Seb for his bombastic inspirational work - i say it forever, here and again elsewhere :)

I hope you like my vision of this girl...  for the basework i have used a lot of things, including a Romeo Model, some pieces of an old MiniDiscPlayer, i've managed to make some ok photos finally...

Toxic girl, Fatal Personality, 28 mm

Also i took a shot of her in my cabinet, at night with lightning, for you to see the seize comparision, click to enlarge:

Also i have collected all the fast done WIP-photos of her, i have shown on Massive Voodoo before so this is together in one place...



Hope you like her! She is also up to CMON!

Keep on happy painting!


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