Tutorial - Working with liquid mask

by Roman aka jar

Ok... another tutorial, ahh... first it was meant to be a tutorial of making a freehand on the shield of Ancient hero Maulg... but something went terrible wrong... no it didn't, haha - just made an experience i did not expected that way... takin it Hurricane Style... Making experience is good i think... I had my first time working with liquid mask and thought it might... nurgs, just share it with you... here we go and forget about that freehand thing, haha:

Working with liquid mask

I took a charcoal pen to predraw some kind of a flower thing on the shield of Maulg i thought might look cool in my eyes...

Then i took - for the first time ever - the liquid mask from vallejo model colour and a piece of a blister, nargh - what is the word for this soft thing... sponge yeah, haha.

I put this on the shield with the blister to get a randomly created areas on the places i want to leave blue in the end. I did imagine a white flower thing there with some chipped colour from the long fights, but it all came different in the end... freshly brought up liquid mask looks like this:

Dried, there is a real layer upon the shield now:

Then i prepared everything MacGyverstyle for priming with white on the shield:

After i did went on the balcony i saw i had to secure the middle metal plate on the shield. I did this with some strip and i didn't even made it very clean - but this ain't a problem either... i am glad i did not forget it:

After Priming the shield was white - wow, yeah i know... great experience, haha. I now started to rub off the white paint on the places where the liquid mask had been placed. I first tried with a toothpick, then a knife and finally found what i was looking for - my fingernails... but Daniel told me on a comment that a pencil rubber also might work damm good.

I took my time to search for my flower idea... but it just came out that way. Pretty cool in my eyes, nothing really special and for sure not the thing i wanted first, but i guess i can make something out of it at all in the end. Next time i try to be more careful while bringing up the liquid mask. So this ain't a tutorial on bringing a flower freehand mask liquid thing on a shield, this is just the effect what mask liquid can do:

It leaves a lot of good ideas for chipped paint from tanks, other vehicles, walls and whatever... this is how it works. You may vary the colours you like for sure - i now go to rescue an Ancient Hero shield, haha... and always remember there are no failures :)

The final result of the figure:

Keep on happy painting!


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