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by Raffa

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Hey there!

This weekend there was some action going on!
I sculpted a new bust on Friday, made a resin copy on saturday and painted it on sunday ;)

So i'll post some WiP Pictures with some hints / tips on sculpting.

So, first things i do is building up volume around my basic frame on a cork.
It's very important to don't do any fine details in this stage because you'll probably destroy it later anyway...
For this sculpt i used Super Sculpey Firm and as you maybe notice, i've used two steel balls for the eyes.
The ones i've used here have a diameter of 4,5mm, but you can use any size you want ;)

The next stage is just smoothing out the volumes while adding a little bit of detail.

More smoothing and i've started to work even more on details like the rivet on the goggle.
Adding more detail to the body. I did the body in the end because i didn't want to push it around all the time while working on the face.

Adding detail to the cap.
I used small cylinders of Sculpy to make the thread on the cap.
After putting them on the cap i pushed the ends in to make it look like they go into a hole.
When finished with the cap i used a bristle brush and tapped on the cap to add some structure.

The Final Step was to add some earrings (same technique as on the cap thread) and a belt with some ammo :)
For the shells i used a brass rod and a file to add the groove.
In the end i cutted the border of the bust and added some structure to it to make it look more interesting.

So, thats it for the sculpting part...
On Saturday i was making a mold for the bust and made a resin copy for a friend :)

On Sunday i made two more copies, one for brother Big Kong Roman and another one for me, mine already got some color, here are some WiP shots:

So i hope you like him, if you like him alot, don't fear, soon you get something neeeeeew :)



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