Kong Fu?

by Roman aka jar


back from Berlin. What a great week! Really special thanks to mati, his queen and his prince. Keep doing the good you do, you are great. I am really looking forward to hear, read, see you again :) - this week was my pleasure even the big cities are not the best place for the big shy kong.

I guess in here it will get a little slower. On Thursday i am away again, 10 days in Colougne by doing 2 Painting classes. I have no idea on how much time i am able to spent on MAssIVeVooDoO, sometimes jungle is massive, you know.

I'd really like to post some more tutorials and WIPs but time is slipping... fading away. Check the Show some balls competition information, if you didn't yet and go form a ball with some putty to help some apes.

So far from my side of town - always remember Happy Painting!


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