Tutorial - Human Skin A

by Roman aka jar

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another old tutorial of mine translated. I am quoting myself from this point on.

Once I was asked on several occasions how I paint skin, I can now once again remove a tutorial from my 2do list. I have taken the Helldorado's Saracen prince Tarik for this tutorial and tried to find some time to photograph each step and this will now explain a little bit how i have worked the skin on him.

Please be noticed that this is not a beginner tutorial, but rather it aims at the advanced painters of you. For sure you can not immediately implement the same result the first time you may try this neither it should not be the perfect way you have to do something. Rather it is intended to show a glimpse into my work and serve the one or other interested people as an inspiration.

The model was primed white over black.

The basic layers

The basic contract was 2 layers of Elf Flesh / Bleached Bone (60/40) that I had applied with about 1 / 2 Color / water. Dilution of colours is very important but this will be another tutorial someday.

After the base color was dry, i began to set first shadows, while i had done so i made the external light source on the miniature coming from above - talking about zenithal lightning here, but this also has to be a single tutorial - someday.

I have added a little Tanned Flesh in the basic colour and glazed softly to the shadows. (Note: Humm? I don't see much difference to the first pictures here, sorry for that, i got no other pictures left)

Define the shadow areas

When i paint up a miniature most time i don't do single areas, i always have an eye out for the whole colour scheme and so it grows in every place. The next step has been massive and brutal, I did some more glazing in the shadows once with pure Tanned Flesh , followed b< Tanned Flesh + a tip terracotta to intensethe shadows.

As a next step, I have darkened the terracotta / Tanned Flesh mix with added a small drop of Regal Blue:

So I put 2 times repeatedly and then given another small drop of Chaos Black into the mix and in for the deepest shadows:

Bringing back the lights / Cleaning it up

With the basic colour, you remember - Elf Flesh / Bleached Bone I then repeatedly traced the lights:

I went a little brighter by adding some more of Bleached Bone in the mix:

In itself, not many colors were used as you see. The color scheme was carried out on the glazing progress, the brightest tone that gets to the elaboration of the shadow of the desired hue ...

The finished Prince Tarik looks like this, painted back in the early months of 2008:

Greetings and keep on happy painting!


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