Kong Thoughts...

by Roman aka jar

Mmh... i really guess that there are some of you who ask theirselfes how i can have a living beside this blog and miniatures and stuff when you look on this blog...

It's very simple - i got a real good working life, but i just don't have a television at home since 7 years now :)

Keep on happy painting!

PS: And before this posting seems to be totally brainless - here are some pictures of our vacation time in Graz/Austrai at Roberts this year where we (4 friends) took our time to paint some pictures in the sunny woods, really cool action - in the end we decided randomly who will get what picture in the end for taking it home, really funny day in the sun, thank you for that everyone involved... ahh pictures, before my blalalala runs in circles with me:

The Fantastic Four - thanks for your friendship my loved ones:

The nature we spent our day in - ok not truely untouched by human beings but we enjoyed every second spent there:

Our colour torpedos:

Everyone had his personal painting place - some enjoyed the pure sun...

I build my own up in the shadows...

The Pictures we all have painted on canvas will follow here. Really everyone's character caught in there in my eyes, even i have to say that i wasn't in a good mood at all - on the day we painted them i have been struggling with the fact that i did not hold a brush for about 7 or 8 hard days... so this is my anger about that reason, haha - thanks my friends this was really the one of the best days in this week between the others - all together now:

As single shots:

And the anger blubb:

So this ain't a spamming posting anymore i hope :)

Keep on happy painting!



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