Tutorial - Making a base with dry desert ground

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa eh, Skyle is to blame. I am only its Executive or slave :) Skyle had the idea a while ago to produce a dried Desertbase therefore such a parched land, as in a dried-up salt lake or deep in the desert without sand where it is 1000 ° hot. Just like here in the way: Example...
He himself did not have the time to do test around so he asked me. In fact this is more like an experience report of mine, and certainly not the non-plus ultra, but perhaps for some still interesting.


- Base
- Putty (there are in most craft stores)
- A hammer

Put the putty on the base and move smoothly with water. Here take care to bring the Putty over the edges of the socket so you can clean this up later with sandpaper and get a plain surface to the edges.

Now you can also stick something in, such as a root, just as an idea, wihile the 2nd base with the root will leave us once again to pursue a different path:

Allow to dry - about 5 hours until it was dried completely at this example, always depends on your putty. Then it gets interesting:

Rock it with the hammer - in the beginning I was very hesitant at the end i simply enjoyed smashing and beating on it - tenderly ... :)
When pieces will leave your base, because you went for it with titanious power try to glue them on place in the end again.


With the result I'm quite happy for the first attempt. I did already clean the edges with sandpaper here.

The Painting result can look like this:

Experience during the knocking and hammering:  

- The Putty breaks, unfortunately, sometimes so that you can not control, so I had 2 larger parts that had broken out - i just glued them on place again - not that bad...

- Otherwise, a very cool idea of Skyle, who certainly did not expect that I make a tutorial of it...

Also there are Puttys in Sale who will dry out like this, so if you don't want to hammer on things and won't feel too masculin when roaring to the sound of the hammer, you can check stuff like this - sorry i do not know any more sources:

Keep on happy hammering!  



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