Tutorial - Making glibbery Slime

by Roman aka jar

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Not laughing now ... another translated, older tutorial of mine arrives at MASSIVE VOODOO.

I tried a kind of "slime" or "glibbery extract" on a miniature. I did paint up this guy back somewhere in 2007, did a lot of weathering experiments on him and decided to try to get some slime action at him -  glibbery experience you may call it too :)

What you need?

A Container of Water Effect  (are there from different manufacturers with different results, this one shown here is a one component water effect, still got no own experience with the 2 component stuff) and the desired color for me in this case Bilious Green from Games Workshop (if this colour isn't availabe anymore you can go with Scorpion Green or mix it up yourself with Goblin Green, Ice Blue, Sunburst Yellow and Skull White in a mix of 30/30/20/20, maybe a bit more white to make it stronger in its Pow!


I took an old brush and mixed the water effect 50/50 with the desired colour on my wet palette.

Using the glibbery slime

 With a tool from sculpting with clay, I have brought the effect on the places i had felt it looking good. I used the shovel form to pick it up and the tip to make dots.

The result

... looked like this:


Final thought

Ok, i guess it might not be the best idea to put all your models into slime blubs, at least if they are chosen by the god of pestilence it won't be the best idea. Sure there are other uses for this slime, for example filling up a toxic river or making ugly strings and stuff - it is your imagination which conquers the ideas...

Keep on happy painting!


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