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Another one... oh man there are so still so many to translate, no end in sight at the moment... have been busy in the past, haha - but would should i do? Always wanted to become a Sky Pilot and that doesn't work out in the end... now i am flying around at this place bombing it full with Tutorials, i guess a way better idea than flying around carrying bombs of hell... ok, i stop my morning blabla now - here goes another tutorial... quote starts here... i mean now:

Making a simple socket

due to some requests on how I do  my  bases, I do not want a simple and affordable option being denied to anyone. That is just one option, there are for sure... ahm, many.

What you need:

1x strip of wood from the Hardware Store (i would prefer hard wood sorts after making my experience)
1x Backsaw (mine is a Japanese Fine Saw, called that way, works not on pushing, either on pulling, more comfortable)
(1 ~ 2 clamps)

A simple strip of wood from pine has been cut to length by eye with the fine saw. Here you could mount the 2 clamps around the bar to fix it properly, otherwise go with your arm strength. Pay attention here, however, that you put small spacers between the bearing and pressure surfaces of the clamp on the bar, because otherwise there will remain slightly unsightly marks in the wood.


After it was cut to length, I have cleaned the wood with sandpaper at the edges, since they are suffering usually quite fast when sawing, unless you have a special circular saw in the basement.


I caught myself a bigger brush and the wood block has been painted with black - 2x wait times (to dry the first layer):

Once this was dry, I've got myself the corresponding figure on it and i did fixed it there with Pattex glue where the center was seen by eye (here often enough very little glue, because it really attracts hardcore) - you may also go there with different fixing methods, like magnets for example to use the miniature for gaming later on:


 And done... you could do another sandpaper session again, repaint in the colour you want and/or add some varnish, how ever you like:


As an easy and simple to use version which brings the figure more into a good view without having to touch it always on the carefully painted areas. Alternatively, offer an incredible number of possibilities and qualitys here, for example as a piece of a cross section of a branch ... Also the integration of this kind of shelf in the final design at the beginning of the project can be implemented with it. 

Here I have cut off the base, for example, in approximately 60 ° angle at a corner install to add a corpse:

I hope to inspire for some more sockets around, even if they are simple. As I said, this one - mainly a cheap option. Of course not comparable with finely polished bases that should be aware to anyone.

Keep on happy Painting!


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