Nurok bust finished...

by Roman aka jar

Aloa on this wonderful autumn day...

I did finish up painting a bust, sculpted by a friend of mine, mati, also known as the BADSMILE from our german capital Berlin. Really a cool sculpt and a real joy to paint it up. Thanks again my dear for this bust, see you soon - yeaha!

This bust shows a Nurok, a great creation in my eyes... mati's skill rocks damm good and his imagination rocks like this! Hope you like the Nurok, it is about 3,5 cm high and 5 cm wide.
... here is a picture from mati of the sculpt... thanks for letting me use this here:

My painted version looks like this - Nurok in colour:

Hope you like the Nurok! It is also up to CMON!

Keep on happy painting!

PS: Are you feeling this?


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