Tutorial - A helping hand while holding a miniature

by Roman aka jar

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painting up a miniature and holding it on its delivered small base can be very annouying in most of the time, you touch the painted base parts, chip of some paint, the base slips out of your hand and crashes down to the floor with the miniature being broken ... etc. ... there is help!

Here are some of my versions i am praciticing while painting...


After opening a good bottle of wine and before you instinctively ran to the trash to throw away the cork - STOP! ! Collecting them - Why you may ask? Take a cork, a magnet, super glue and some metal:


Personally, I stick the minis and the magnet with tiny drops of superglue to the cork. Others do it with clay or pattafix. Some others makes the base work as a seperated project and the miniature got drilled down into both of the feet with a pin in it and the pin is brought into the cork with ultimate power of your arm, sure you can also drill there too - here is an example to the last mentioned method - i do this with bigger seized or detailed miniatures - here instead of cork a piece of wood:

Since I usually paint the entire miniature as a complete unit with the base, commonly mostly 28 mm scaled miniatures , here are my version of the fortification with the cork:

Why Magnets?

After collecting some experience on falling miniatures even on a corks and misfortune in constant balancing, which might be up to myself - I got the idea to me to order a big bag full of cheaper magnets and attach them at the bottom. My drawing table has changed by now also become a paradise for the magnetized corks standing Minis. But see for yourself - it is a bit older, and my workbench also changes, but i guess this could be inspirational to some of you:

Lately i am working mostly with miniatures already on top of their bases, so i just grab the wood of the base instead of cork, smaller miniatures still are set on a cork or an old colour can...bigger miniatures like the barbarian guy above are worked with like shown above... it is just up to your imagination - there can be used a lot, thrust me... just get into this McGyvering and let your experimental urge release with full force and have fun without miniatures falling out of your hands... makes you way more cooler while painting!

Added to the Tutorial section :)

Keep on happy painting!

PS: Where are my apes at?? Microphone check: I said, where are my apes at? Holla, Holla!


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