Weekend Playlist Adding VII

by Roman aka jar


now this is earlier then expected, huh? For me too, haha. A great week of music passed, really cool sound in my ears while painting and doing whatever. Again i share the Top 5 from this week with you in a mix that might be intresting... check them out:

First up is this guy... thanks to Picster for showing me, really great stuff:
KissKiss - Parov Stelar

Than i found a long time favorite of mine - this video is just great:
Busta Rhymes - Dangerous

And another great song/video from him:
Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson - What's it gonna be?!

It is getting a bit more quiet - (note @David: That is what i meant with demonic erotica i see in the ladies, god bless them)
Beauty Song - OST House of the Flying Daggers

And it is staying quiet for the weekend:
Lovers - OST House of the Flying Daggers

Ups... not 5, 6 songs... (note @ David: just to explain this kind of thing a bit more, not sure which version i am prefering, like both of this demonic elegance, but i prefer the Beauty Song/Video over a longer period... it is more timeless, sorry for the Off Topic - the comments here made this chat start :) ) ... blubb

Al Knew - Tha Bump

I hope you find some time and the one or the other song makes you enjoy... music rises the soul, you know :)

Keep on happy painting!*
Regards Roman

PS: The complete playlist so far can be found here:
MAssIVeVooDOO on youtube!

*I am doing so at the moment on the walls in the planned playground room of my 9 month old neighbour twins... really freaky happy painting, haha!


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