Workshop in Cologne, Köln / Germany

by Roman aka jar


just a short information about another workshop (aiming at Beginners) being held in the start of december in Cologne on the weekend of the 4th ~ 6th December to spread the word of happy painting. More information you may find here (all in german, sorry):

That is what i meant with having some organisation to do at the moment...

Stay tuned and happy at your brush!

PS: Robert i am glad to see this project grow - take your time and let the muse guide you, sometimes you can think a project to death...

PPS: Only to show you that i am not holding a brush all the time and there are for sure other things in life which make me happy as hell besides colors and pencils - these both, Samuel and Josephine, my neighbour twins whos Godfather i am are the reason of way to less sleep, haha... but they are just great and fantastic and brilliant and ... i could fill a hundred pages with other descriptions :) - welcome Sam and Josie :

Born super Heroes:


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