Jungle Drums from Graz I

by Roman aka jar

As you can hear the electronic bongo beat from the little Capuchin, who plays the jungle drums so damm good, the big apes are taking a rest under a fat banana tree.

As the cahpuchin now is here with us - which makes us big apes sing songs of Happines - this week truly will be his for rocking the turn tables in here. Great to have you with us, my dear friend! See you soon back in Augsburg :)

Back in Augsburg? The Kong is not home? No he isn't! Had the oppourtinity to jump in a car of 2 friends from Graz/Austria, while they did stay in Augsburg the last weekend to paint one week at Robert's and enjoy a happy Painting here in Graz- and it is happy! Creative energys, ideas which make you cry out in pain of the massive laughing followed and the muse are pumping our souls -  the painting ain't stopped by much. Yesterday we did paint with K. and A., which are the fellas which had that ride for me, BIG KUNG FU KONG BOW to you both. Tomorrow we will do too, yeaha! Today is a resting and energy reload day...

I have some WIPS with me, my main focus is on 2 busts, Denise and something else which jumped right into the workflow from the moment it came to my table - there is a reason behind painting this gladiator  up and i am really looking forward to give it to a good friend of mine as a gift. Also the BASH is with me and i did paint my first own gaming miniature for a long time. 

I have no idea and experience  of playing Tabletop, but i have some in failing getting an army up,haha. So i have decided to play a tiny army of Space Marines, mostly Cybots, haha... some Marine Brothers and i have decided them to be Imperial Fist - the muse told me so.

Whatever, just wanted to say that i will be back next week again and for that while i will not stop painting because of taking photos- ok, not often, haha. Just enjyoing the big banana treeand kicking Robert's butt to get some more colour on something really, really cool... read you soon...

Here are some impressions of the first Happy Painting day -not much - but some:

A quick photo of the Imperial Fist Marine, for me - for gaming purposes on a base from Micro Art Studio:

A  view on the workbench... maybe soon to come as we are looking forward how it expands by massive creative vibes which come from the banana tree...

So far - read you maybe soon- don't know yet... but always remember taking  some time a day for the joy of Happy Painting! There has to be passion, everyone has a weapon to defeat the things that bring you down - find yours :)


PS: Maybe the Kong helps the Chimp the next days in how to use a keyboard for maximum outcome and speed ;)

PPS: There is now a seperate Link on the left navigation bar, which directly guides you to an overview to all Tutorials done at the moment and those to come...


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