Chapuchin's Speedpainting I

by Raffa

Hey guys,

Roman told me i should feel like in my living room and i can post everything here....
Hahaha what a mistake!

Ok, apart from making the base for my Leogante i'm doing some digital speedpaintings the last days...

It's a good way to capture an idea without spending hours and hours of working on tiny details. Apart from being fun it's a good training and boy, i need it!
The last months (years?!) i did almost no artworks (digital or natural media) and now i get the payoff... i forgot so much about anatomy it hurts and now it's time to change that again.

So, enough talk, here are some speedpaintings (= under an hour for me) i've made this and last week.

So if you want me to post collections of speedpaintings again, just tell me via a comment ;)



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