Massive Changes on MASSIVE VOODOO II

by Roman aka jar


another BIG chance to this blog - no, there is not planned to do this evey month, but who knows, haha - Picster aka Raffaele joined MASSIVE VOODOO now official. 

Somehow it was his destiny, because he really is a big part of my personal world of Happy Painting, a friend of mine who is really rocking the stuff since he started the hobby of miniature painting some months ago. A guy i really adore for his talent and i am so much looking forward to his way in painting. Don't know him a long time, but time doesn't always matter you know - it is just important how intense you get to know eachother in the moments life offers.

I had this idea up in my mind in taking him on board since a while now, at least he has been the one, kicking my butt to this, supporting me on workshops, creating fascinating art, being such a cool guy and i am really looking forward to his Voodoo on MASSIVE VOODOO - thanks for joining my friend!

I told you about his massive talent - now i just let miniatures speak for themselves:

I am really happy to see this guy partying, running, jumping and roaring around in the jungle with Chimp and Kong - Welcome Capuchin! PARTYYYY!!!

Keep on happy painting!

PS: If anyone feels disturbed about MASSIVE VOODOO's Ape family growing bigger: Klick me!


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