Tutorial - Making ugly Strings and Stuff

by Roman aka jar

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After being asked several times about these strings and threads some of my models have - here you go with a short tutorial.

There will be more tutorials coming in the future - i feel real sorry not to manage all questions asked on me, but i will do it this way - for sure, please be patient...


- Colour you want (here: Tamyia Clear Red for bloody strings, green for slimy)
- UHU, "Flinke Flasche" with the black letters (there is a green version too, but that one won't work), a german glue, the one with the flamable warning on it - still i am not sure if this works with any other glue (so please do some experiments and let me know!)

How to?

Now i put the colour i want on my wet Palette, adding some of the glue, wait about 1 Minute for the glue to get more elastic and then bringing it on the place where it should be in the end with the toothpick.

If you only use UHU alone you may get clear strings or things.

Please be sure that this is a real chaotic thing, you can't plan this totally. Just have the bravery to do some experiments - in the end every experiment is worth a try...

Here are some older examples where i used this kind of ... ähm, stuff - attention, it is getting ugly in here:

Damné De La Gourmandise Obèse - Helldorado

Ghoulbust - JMD

Daemonette 3.0 - Games Workshop, Wings are from Reaper

Daemonette 2.0, Games Workshop

Hive Tyrant - Games Workshop

Vampire Count - Games Workshop

Demon baby - Helldorado

WIP - Blood Angel from Space Hulk, Games Workshop

I want to excuse myself to those i might have shocked with these models - it wasn't my wish to do so, i just love experiments...

Happy painting!


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