Kong Bust finished...

by Roman aka jar

I am really into sculpting around lately - thanks to Robert and Raffa at this point again. First of all let me say that there is still a hard way to go - a way of learning - hopefully this never ends :)

Let me tell you a bit about my lazy sculpting experiences so far - as far as i remember it all started with a :

I did try to sculpt a demon somewhere in 2006 on vacation in Italy, totally bad ass in anatomy, not knowing anything about the work with green stuff, didn't finish it - still hanging around here somewhere:

Next try had been a weirdo bust in August of 2009 with Milliput:

Then i did the great photwhale in Graz and another weirdo thing with Fimo, while Robert created ultimo sweety - Back to the archive...

Last week Raffa showed me some cool things with Sculpey and now i am really happy about collecting experiences in sculpting for the future. It is a lot of fun and can be done with way less brainwork than i usually achieve to afford while painting, haha. Just kidding... really it is cool! This was more some kind of material experiment, never worked with Sculpey before and i must say it is a great experience, like drawing in 3D - so be patient with me and see this Kong as a fast sketch ;) - more upcoming, i mean more fast sketches :)

I'll make a picture for seize comparision when it is painted... i guess it might could be somewhat around 1:13 ;)

I also brought it up to CMON, so if you play the bongo, feel invited to do it here: here!

Hope you like it! I will go paint it up now, even there are so many things i should have taken more time in schulpting (nose, etc., etc.) and detail and... nah, not yet ... not yet... :)

And if you are also up to sculpt something or to share your sculpting experience - a new district has opened... a german sculpting Forum with a lot of english writers which is still in his birthhour - i have added it to the Linklist ... really looking forward to make and share experience and enjoy sculpting beside painting...


Keep on happy ... oh damm!


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