Kong's WIP-Thoughts Oct06

by Roman aka jar


uhm, it has been quite in here for days - why? Really i got no idea... the muse always should be the reason for everyone up here to write and nothing else. The muse sometimes calls you, ignores you, loves you, plays with you, desires you, wrestlest with you, screams with you and has epic sexual activity with you... she is the reason behind good vibrationed energy - and sometimes when she is tired and needs a rest, now then, some days in here will be without a posting... always trust your muse :) - it's like a jungle, sometimes it makes me wonder on how people going under - something like that... just... nahh... have fun in what you do, do it your way and may the muse be with you!

Enough blabla... actual WIP Thoughts of mine - reorganizing of totally getting lost in the muse the last week in Graz -this week was so full of the muse - it still pumps in my heart :)

I am really in sculpting the last days - even i am not so good, but there is no other way to learn something as doing it. So i try and i try and after the photwhale and the sculpture thing i have tried myself on a bust. Great Raffa (Picster) has been here the last few days and we enjoyed sculpting together - i am really thankful for advices and ideas he has given me, very nice happy sculpting and painting time :) - i moved from Fimo to Super Sculpey because of him and mostly all in the end because a great sculpter, which i really adore from Berlin, Badsmile - and for sure Raffa and Robert for kicking my butt :)

Super Sculpey is really great to work with and i am collecting experiences all the time. First i had the concept of sculpting something massive, like a titan god from the old greeks, angry, mighty, massive - then the concept was changed while trying to do so and in the end it is a gorilla bust, or even more a try, learning by doing - full of failures, full of fun, full of learning... at the moment still WIP and i use this as a teacher, tiny details will be done tomorrow, but as i feel the muse it will be finished soon, bringing those learnt things in to another project - here you go (the nose is still a big mess, way too big):

Denise is on the go - still an early WIP, but the call of the muse lies within:

The BASH is also going to an end, but i have to collect all pictures and stuff i had done first - damm, hope i get this somehow together, soon some pictures and text to him.

Sniper, is ready for water effect, but i still got none...

Painted a bit further on the Toxic Girl:

Preparing a Tzeentch Demon and concepting a cathedral base for an archangel, urgs, ay, i didn't wanted to tell that... :)

So far from my workbench... i have to answer some mails and organise things around the lately announced workshops so maybe it'll take while with the next posting... maybe :)

Keep on happy painting!


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