Painting Workshop in Mönchengladbach/Germany - Review

by Roman aka jar

Another Workshop Review - this time from the early summer of this year in Mönchengladbach/Germany...

____________________________just quoting myself from the Avatars of War Forums:


We had another Beginner's Painting Class over a complete weekend with, again - great support by AoW, thank you very much, Felix (again) and i have promised to do another review on this one. We found together in Möchengladbach, next to Cologne in Germany. 24 people including me have made this weekend unforgetable. We really had a lot of fun, i had been braindead afterwards and ... ok i start from the beginning...

No one knew what we gonna paint up as the workshop model, they only knew that it will be from AoW, but no one did knew the model before the class. I have planned this because i don't want the peole think too much before the class about what they should do or don't... you know sometimes less thinking is good for working with colours - Thank you very much again for yur Big Support for the Workshop Felix, everyone went crazy as they heard about we are going to paint the Big fat ugly Goblin King ...

Also i want to say Big Thank you to Eve and Mark who mostly did the organisation before and during the Workshop.

We had an old classroom where the Workshop was placed in... I now start with some pictures and explanations about the workshop. As before i had the plan to bring the participants with a travel to art history to knowledge about colour theory and tried to combine this knowledge with the painting on miniatures as this is still a beginners workshop, everyone, equal of his experience was welcome. Thanks to everyone who allowed to use his pictures as i didn't find the time to take my own...

Here we go - this has been our classroom, that bold head in the front belongs to me:

I did a lot of blabla about Art History, had some problems with the beamer and the presentation in the start but with such a great group of hobby fanatics we solved mostly every problem:


I was talking about different stuff, here in front of some presentation stuff about how to use light on miniatures while painting and what light does to colours, etc. etc. ...

We had a little presentation table set, where everyone was invited to place some of his painted models:

On Friday we did a lot about theory and experienced some ways of different basing techniques and where to find much inspiration - in the arms of mother nature... our goblins after cleaning, preparing and basing:


 Big and small bases - here is a big one:

Little breaks we're planned and always went to funny talk about the hobby and the workshop, some couldn't get away from their models even in the breaks:


The first night came and some did use the time for sleep. We had the oppourtunity to stay at the room and sleep there, for those who came from far and didn't want to pay a hotel room. The night looked like this:

Next Morning had been Undercoating time outside:

Here are some results:




 After everyone was ready and we did another part of boring theory, we started over to thepractice parts, where i have explained step by step things about techniques, light, colours, etc.. I had split the big group in 2 small groups for these parts...

Painting in its Progress and all its glory:

Saturday and Sunday have been full painting days with a lot of explanations of mine and everyone used the time for getting further on his or her goblin king. Unfortenatly it ain't easy to finish off a complete model on a weekend, especially when i am talking so much blabla about theory.

We did take the chance of the moment to take a group shot from all the goblins from the Weekend in the end, the first one way too bright:

Not really sharp:

A bit better:

And tall the other Brushqueens and -kings together- the complete workshop group:

Again a big thank you to Avatars of War by helping us to had a great weekend with some great models... and in the end lots of fun while learning, learning, learning ... and learning... and painting while learning... and learning while painting... and painting while painting ... and stuff.

I keep an eye out, need to search some finished goblin kings from the participants, may take some more time, but i knwo some of them already. I'll let you know on the same place here...

Happy Painting to you all around and also happy sculpting if you do so ...





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