Back from Graz...

by Roman aka jar


i am home again from a great week at Robert's in Graz/Austria. Totally confused because of way to less sleep, i just thought to post a little bit, because it was so great - Robert won't post - i guess he sleeps at the moment after i had struck down his normal life like a hurrican in this week. Thank you very much for such a great week my friend. We really powered through this week with a lot of fun, energy and creative winds in the air. Thanks to Kurt and Andi too for a great Happy Painting Time!

Robert's Captain Maulg will be so cool, but he takes time and to see his idea in real was my pleasure - can't wait to see it growing.

Growing, good point - a lot of new ideas had risen from the depths of our brains and sure it ain't easy to stay focused - so it is a bit of a reorganising time coming the next few days after unpacking (Kong's WIP Thoughts will explain this in detail). As i am kind of dead from too less sleep i don't want to do very much blabla - just a little review on the last day, where we had decided to sculpt... Oh yeah - Robert can sculpt like a god in my eyes, me not and one day isn't very much time, haha, also we got into bed very early and got up early too to still have some time before my train went home... Ok... from the start:

Robert did really something great - he had this Ostrich egg lying around for too many days now and came from sculpting a great white shark to a little tiny sweety dinosaurier baby - some WIPs:



And so cute in the end - you really got my full amount of respect credits, big chief - already basecoated with primer:

 Me... not so used to sculpting tried myself on my third sculpt ever. I have decided to do something i would have confidence in to achieve it somehow: a pottwhale.

Some WIP shots from this enourmous project:


He broke and now having it here at mine i have decided to throw it in the garbage, BUT i have learned a lot while doing a Pottwhale.

Whatever has driven me to sculpt a whale, was the reason behind that sculpt i had done too - already with the first colours on it... strange i know - i am not sure what to do with it, but i know taking more time would be a good idea, haha:

So i went home with this and i just say read you soon with some organising in the next days:

Keep on happy painting and thank you Robert, again and again... :)



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